Longyuan Group won the "top 10 most caring donation enterprises" in Ningbo

Time : 2020-09-08

NinemonthFiveJapan,two thousand and twentyZhejiang Charity Carnival and Ningbo "China Charity Day" activities were held in Ningbo TV station. Chen cancan, President of the Provincial Charity Federation, Wang Jianhou, director of the provincial Civil Affairs Department and executive vice president of the Provincial Charity Federation, Bian Ji'an, vice mayor, and Chen Yunjin, President of the municipal Charity Federation, attended the event. On the spottwo thousand and eighteenSince 2000, enterprises with outstanding contributions in the field of charitable donation have been commended, and Longyuan Group was awarded the Sixth Ningbo "top 10 most caring donation enterprises".

two thousand and twentyThe theme of the "China Charity Day" is "to fight against poverty and help prevent and control the epidemic". In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, all kinds of charitable organizations, the loving enterprises, volunteers and people in Ningbo have been active and loving. Up to now, the city's charitable organizations and Red Cross Society have received donationsFive.Three8100 million yuan.

In recent years, Longyuan Group has always been"Serving the society" is the purpose of the enterprise, actively participate in social public welfare activities and take the initiative to undertake social responsibility. In terms of love, poverty alleviation, social donation, epidemic prevention and control, Longyuan actively donated money and materials, which reflected his high sense of social responsibility.

The group's major donations in recent two years are as follows:

two thousand and eighteenyearTwelvemonth,Longyuan Group in Shaanxi Province model middle school——Establishment of ruiquan middle school1Five0万元奖学金,助力当地教育事业发展。

201NineyearThreemonth,Longyuan Group is an urban and rural school in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province"Synchronous classroom" donation10FiveTen thousand yuan is used to help Shiliang school, Chicheng middle school, primary school and other schools to purchase the necessary equipment for the project.

two thousand and twentyyear,新冠疫情发生后,龙元集团用实际行动践行着国家号召,累计捐赠SixThreeNine.2Ten thousand yuan salutes the "reverse Walker";Sixmonth,龙元集团捐赠宁波大学ThreeSix00Ten thousand yuanSix次支付),与宁波大学共建宁波大学龙元建筑金融研究院。

与此同时,集团在象山设立本金为Six00万元的“龙元慈善济困”冠名基金,从two thousand and sevenyear起,每year为象山县慈善总会捐赠Five0万元,用于家乡赈灾、助学、资助孤寡老人等。


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