Longyuan Group has been listed in the top 500 private enterprises in 2020, and has been on the list for 11 consecutive years

Time : 2020-09-12

NinemonthTenJapan,Sponsored by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and supported by the General Administration of market supervision, Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council and industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinatwo thousand and twentyPrivate enterprises in ChinaFive hundredThe strong summit was held in Beijing.It was released at the meetingtwo thousand and twentyPrivate enterprises in ChinaFive hundredStrong list, Longyuan Group in the listTwo hundred and forty-eightFirst name. This is the first in a row since the list was releasedElevenSelected in.

201NineIn 1998, under the guidance of the eight character policy of "strengthening the body and strengthening the bones, forging and expanding the new", Longyuan Group made a breakthrough in its traditional business mode and continuously optimized its order structure. The group has always adhered to the concept of innovation and development. While steadily developing its traditional business, the group has constantly accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading to become stronger and strongerPPPBusiness. So far, Longyuan Group has won the bidPPPProject superEight hundred and fiftyBillion yuan, which provides a strong guarantee for the rapid growth of the company's performance.

From the data released, private enterprises this yearFive hundredStrong, service industryTen0Strong, manufacturing industryFive hundredThe strong threshold is higher than that of last year. Among them, private enterprisesFive hundredThe threshold for strong entry istwo hundred and two point zero fourBillion yuan, compared with last year'sone hundred and eighty-five point eight sixBillion yuan. Behind the new breakthrough of the entry threshold is the new achievements made by domestic private enterprises in optimizing the scale and structure, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and improving the quality and efficiency.

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