Longyuan construction group was recognized as the second batch of prefabricated construction industry base of China

Time : 2020-09-17

NinemonthFifteenThe Ministry of housing and Urban Rural Development released a list of the second batch of prefabricated building model cities and industrial bases, and Longyuan construction group was identified as the second batch of national prefabricated building industrial bases.

Longyuan Group responds positively to the stateThe policy of "industrialization, informatization and greening" conforms to the national policy drive for prefabricated buildings and green buildings. Taking Longyuan Mingzhu, a wholly-owned core subsidiary, as the platform, it is committed to the integrated R & D and construction services of steel structure prefabricated buildings. The group now has three major construction industrial bases, which are powerful resources for the production, construction and continuous R & D of prefabricated buildings Platform support. This time, it has been recognized as the national prefabricated construction industrial base, representing the national top competent department's full recognition of Longyuan Group's comprehensive strength in various aspects such as the scientific and technological innovation strength of prefabricated building and the processing ability of parts and components.

In order to promote the rapid development of fabricated steel structure business, Longyuan Group has decided to build a new generation of prefabricated building technology industrial park in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, with a total investment of aboutFifteenIt covers the production, manufacturing and R & D of core components such as steel structure, exterior protection and interior decoration, and strives to build itself into an industry benchmark demonstration professional industrial park with intelligent manufacturing of construction industrialization and integration of production, teaching and research, and mainly serves the Yangtze River Delta market.

Longyuan Group will comply withNinemonthTenAccording to the requirements of the leaders of the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of Japan in the special investigation on Longyuan, they have made solid efforts to promote the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, steadily promote the industrialized development of prefabricated buildings, timely explore and summarize the development experience, give play to the exemplary leading and leading role of Longtou enterprises, and contribute to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry 。

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